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Available for hire for private parties and cookery classes any night for up to 22 people

We generally start the class at 6pm and guests then get to sit down and enjoy the meal with a drink of their choice

Followed by a choice of mains and a selection of desserts

You will have the place to yourselves for the evening

Guests can arrive any time from 6pm and the meal ends at 9.30


** as it is a residential building we can’t serve later than this

There are lots of nice pubs in the local area which most people would head on to afterwards



Option 1

A full baking class starting at 6 until 9 where we make four recipes and you get to take home a box of baked goods at the end of the evening

Option 2

A shorter cookery class followed by a sit down meal where you get to enjoy some of the delights you have just made! (with wine of course!) We generally start the cookery class at 6 pm and cook until 7.30 pm and then eat from 8.00pm until 9.30pm.

We can tailor each class to your specific needs, whether you would like more time cooking or eating it is up to you!

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